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Tag Archives: on the pathup the mountain once more

Well back in the day when life seemed simple and care free, lots of random bizarre conversations
were had with the squatter, GGN and the Dojo Clan. One of the concepts that came from the old association we where members of was how to read things.

September 2005 I marched, strolled through to symbolic gates Bumon and Shumon.

Some of you may shout “no the Shumon gate is not covered by a ‘Raising’”, well I say it depends on your stance and your view point which we will come back to as this may be a “twisty turny” ramble but life is journey and I have no Whiskey to sip or a speaker to perch on or group of friends chatting to mindlessly.  Great days! Read More »

I my wonderful readers , am no longer evil as the the God /Gods/ Comet sender of the universe/Architect has given me a reprieve. So i may go through the shumon gate to heaven.

Reason is the proof of evil link is now broken. For a mystery virus has hit this site and freakishly deleted all of someones posts!!!!!!! This is great and i am pleased to the highest from.

So the sect of CHIMONTENDO can start once more with renewed vigor.
Praise be 🙂