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Category Archives: 12 Month Challenge

After the productive 2015 and a successful challenge,  GreatGothNinja and I had a “Challenge Committee” meeting in November.  The outcome was :

  1. Quarterly Non LOLS Papers
  2. Art Project
  3. 100Days starting April 1st 2016 to July 9th 2016


Quarterly Non LOLS Papers:

The write and esoteric paper challenge was a very successful event from last year. I completed 4 paper in that year. All the subject came from Dr Lomas  and his brethren of the Lodge of Living Stones  This has had a side effect that we can now come up with our on topics for Papers to  research and write. Therefore we have decided that we should produce 4 papers over the course of the 12 months that are independent of the ones set by LOLS.


Art Project :

This is similar to the shared story idea of 2015, yet this time the work is not shared  and not a story. In fact you could say the two events are not even similar!  The Art Project is a piece of art that can be done over the course of the year, that is not a poem, story or script.  But an Art thing , painting, drawing, graphic image, collage, sculpture etc. or &c.

As it is art and rules cannot be applied to it, then only a base framework it can be done  on anything  and there must be some post throughout the year on its progress.   Perhaps 1 a quarter or  once a month.

This is the challenge I am not looking forward to as I am no good at the art things  I was banned from picking colours at Net-Work Internet limited for my Purple, Orange and Neon Green website  I built.


100 Days:

Back once again for the creative behaviour, the annual challenge has returning.  Last year I managed was able to be creative for the full 100days this is a fantastic achievement . But there were 19 late posts, this year we will have less than 11.

the cock crowed at first light

Waking up the household

The rooks in the rookery tool flight 

The man appeared from the house into the cold
He left his house in a rush

For the time had come 

To make a stand and to push

So what was the challenge,  to complete 5 tasks in the last 5 months of the year. Imaginely titled  “The Five Month Dash”

So what were these challenges well:

1. Movehouse
2. build dog area & sort back garden
3. Prepare for November
4. Decide on LAdies evening stuff
5. Complete 3rd Ritual
6. Complete Short Story
7. Sort our Exercsie Regime and stick to it
8. Sort pension out
9. draft dojo notes into one area
10. Review Blog and other sites  and move all together into one

So this started from the 1st August to 31st December 2013

What did I manage?

1. Move house
2. build dog area & sort back garden
3. Prepare for November
4. Decide on LAdies evening stuff
5. Complete 3rd

As the plan was to complete 5 then I declare it a success!!

Next job plan 2014’s Challenges.

So on Thursday, the old one from the Wrexham valley released his new book a poem one. This has been a long rumored to be almost complete think it is been in that stage for 4 years perhaps less. I do the old man a disjustice or injustice as the spellcheck is not that amazing.

As ever I digress as is my wonted custom of my blog….

So here goes

Wayne Owens’ author Bio

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Not got time for timer so will have to do this later in the week