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The woods were quiet, nothing was stirring. 

When all of a sudden a whooosh was heard.

Followed by a  thudunk !

From nowhere an arrow land in the forest.

Unfortunately this trivial thing caused an ancient evil to stir.

The mushroom quivered and stretched, he opened his eyes. 

Seeing the arrow resting against him. 

The mushroom let out a long low scream.

It caused the forest to shudder….

The still air was stifling the room, Shaw looked at the notes in front of him. Ezra ? Ezra Jones ? 

Nothing moved no sound.

He started at the hooded figure seated across the table. Trying to peer into the black eyes watching him. The monks hands were cuffed to the table in front of him.

PC Roberts had informed him before he entered that when they tried to take the cuffs of the monk he fought and had injured PC Dreyfus. So the desk sergeant had adviced to keep him cuffed.

From our database here it say you are Ezra Jones and you are the landlord of the 15 grey friars lane .

Your two “Tennants” are stiffing you for the cannabis growing factory in the upstairs apartments. They deny any knowledge of the caged girl in the basement​ though!

Nothing, not even a slight shoulder shurg.

If you don’t say anything, well it’s up to you and we can provide you with legal aid of you require it?  I have read you your rights but at the moment Mr Jones it so looking bleak for you.


Who was the girl ?

Why was she there?

Knock knock

Come in, it was Roberts.

The hospital has called the girl from the house is being released and is coming here to give a statement. Considering her ordeal she is described as fine.


Excuse me 

 Shocked Shaw look at the monk did you say something?

Why should I call the number Jones ?

 Why Jones you have not helped us.

The monk moved sharply back and jerked his arms up in a swift motion breaking  the chain connecting him to the table. He stood to his full height.


As the door slammed, she began to cry. They had never argued like that before. She reached for her mobile. Opening the message app, she type in Okay?

The phone dinged, it was the message sent confirmation. She threw the phone on to the sofa next to her. Taking a tissue from her clutch purse. Drying her tears she stood and and walked to the drinks cabinet.

It was an old oak cabinet, it had been on the family for years. The key was always in the lock, opening it she picked up a bottle of teachers whiskey and poured a shot. She picked up the glass in he left hand a raised it  towards her.

“cheers, saluté’

As she sipped it ….


Me: Pete Maguire Ashlar Lodge

Table neighbour(TN): Malcolm pleased to meet​ you.

me: so are you in the chair

TN : no no just a hanger on

David: don’t believe a word he says

John : hi pete, Malcolm Dave

TN: so are you in RAM

Me: unattached

TN: how come

Me: starts at 5

TN: FAIR ENOUGH, so John are u at Hyde tomorrow ?

John: yes

Me: is that Athelstan order..

TN: yes are you interested?

Me: no making conversation

So on went through dinner, with goodbyes said .

Walk to the car park ..

Me: Night Guy, have a good day tomorrow.

Guy: So  I will get you a form for Athelstan then…