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Category Archives: Martial Arts

Inspired by the book “Go Dog Go”

Big ninja

Little ninja.

White Ninja, Black Ninja.

White and black ninja

Ok call them grey ninja.
Then black ninja in the roof 

Wearing spikes

The White ninja under the floor

Of a burning house
The green ninja throw Bo shuriken

The red ninja otens out of the way.

This old man he played with sticks,

He played hi lo hi with some tricks.

With Nick back spark ooo spark

Give a noob a faint hi.

This old man hubud-ed home.

Round and round the garden in a ba gua step,

Left foot  in, Right foot out.

Left hand pat, right finger jab there.

How many jokes does it take to teach a martial arts course?

Does the quality of said jokes get worse as the quality of martial arts.

When  you look at ordinary objects in your day to day life  what do you think?

Well this has been my day, a course with Tuhon BM a citizen of the states.  In the old days today would have been the normal but these days it is a novelty to share jokes and blows with good friends. But more on this after day two.

Again it is Friday night and I just relax.
So this is going to be a continuation.

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