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It must be a curse

Changed they have

Better they are ?

No lost in 12 months

Yet I sit and watch

Nothing is different

They play slowly

And they loose

It must be a curse

Have been writing the LOLsPaper am about 3/4 of the way through

right gent I have a plan?

What is your plan oh great one.

We should build a building where slaves can fight each other to death!

Ok !?

The mob will love it .

Alright ? So what shape do you want it?

Well kinda like a circle but a bit squashed kinda eye shaped.

Oh you mean an oval.


Ok so shall we create it it three stories high


In this oval of doom, do you want them to fight animals?

Yes, lions tigers and bears.


Also want it for plays and speaking. Kinda like a


Sounds dull how about something more macabre that shows the fighting. I like the fighting and the way bits get chopped off.



How about Amphitheatre.

Awesome I like it .

Anything else?

Er no..

*Turns to walk away


Yes M’lord

Sometimes I may want to flood it with water!

Come again? You want what?

Well sometimes I like to do sea battles in the bath. So it would be fun for more realistic battle in my Amphitheatre.

oh FFS!!

The room was wired

When he came in

Some pressed the button

And the gun fired…