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Roads are amazing and wonderful things. Sometimes they  are physical sometimes mental, metaphysical, concepts. But all lead somewhere, whether good or bad, happiness or sadness.

“All Roads lead to Rome” they used to say  but not if you turn left a Alberkerkey.


This road was an old road, it led from the there to …


Well that just it no one knew, many had started on the path. “But few returned to the sun lit lands” Sorry wait that’s a different story, I got hoodwinked again. The old mind is not what it once was, to many tales, myths and stories that I know.


Some are about Great Kings and Heroes, some about Daemons and Gods, Aliens perhaps! Or the Most High – Bingo.  Yet again I am of on another road. Not the one I started but a left a the lights and a awaiting for my old pal Ethel the Aardvark  to go Quantity Surveying.

Ooops , sorry.

So Great Kings – “well once a king and queen of Narina always a …” Bullocks thats not even my story. Lets try a an old Ninja trick, and not the choking  a chicken one, the other one but the Shihan change not the original.











Breathe,  so this road  was difficult to find  but once  found and you started on the path, well you have to see it through or well you know the other option.

The road as it begins starts by the pub called “Moon & Star”.  This is an old building said to be built from neolithic henge, the  heel stone is still in place. If you tap it with the right knocks when the Moon and Star are full well then that is when to begin.

So we got on site for 7:30am so we would be ready for the first session at 8am, then spent the day doing the same old same. Having everything ready for that day and the next.It was dress down day at the Manchester office on the Friday so that was nice thing to be part off.  On thursday we finished at 4pm to get back to Head office for me to pick up a vehicle, so i got and old managers executive 307, it looked like my 207 but fatter.It was ace and it meant I could drive in comfort.
So an 5am start to try and miss the traffic !! Yeah right still got caught in the pit of dispear called Birmingham. My new helperwas an hour and a half late. As he was carrying the Parts Arena SD Cards this would mean  the sessions would be running late. But as the day went on we caught up with out  further delay, all though the prize gem from one repair engineer was,
“Why do we need printers”, Me “To print the CP12s”. Engineer “Whats a CP12”. So the basic thing a Gas engineer should know is the gas safety certificate for the house… But no this is not the case.
On tuesday i had noticed the Van was showing the wrong Road Tax, so during day I was trying to find out where the tax disc was. I nipped ouside for a break  and spotted a Cop car driving around and then it parked up outside the offices, to my paranoid mind this Policeman was lying in wait for me to then book me. So I left the Van onsite and shared the driving with my  new helper. We left the office at 4:30pm and finally gout out of Birmingham by  6:30pm
2 hours to drive nowhere!! Due to us both being in Manchester tomorrow I dropped of Mr Davies in wrexham and carried on home, with the agreement I’d pick him up at 6:30am the next day 🙁
From all accounts the Wirral’s first day had gone well and there where only 3 session on the tuesday and as all the devices had been boxed and assetted this meant it was great to keep on top of the admin side and field the usual barrage of calls from the Subcontractor co-ordinatar.
Sorted some admin stuff out in the office, then set off for Birmingham branch was on site by 11:30am and finished by 2pm, on the drive home got a call form the office saying I needed to bring the van back as it was schedule out. So I changed Vans and thought I had checked everything.