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So last year Wayne and I paid a visit to Start George’s lodge in Warwickshire.

The first part is on open lodge. 

Second part is currently 335 words in.

Hi So last night I was researching Fitbit for the start of creating a fitter me. The gadget is order and is arriving Friday.

I was also research the Lore on Griffins to expand on the short story that is coming along. But need to be careful and not get to close to GOT or Pete’s Dragon.

So today I edited the current draft of the LOLSpaper as I felt the 47th quote was to wordy.

I also did the newspaper for the church with this fabrication. That I am not expecting to actually appear:

In today’s readings sheet there is a section that says: 

I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

From Galatians 2v 20 


But what does this mean, well to be fair I have struggled with St Paul’s teachings, and I do not think I am qualified to advise others. However, for my own interest I went looking and this is what I came across.

There is a concept in the ancient mysteries of the “seven-fold” constitution of Man’s nature. This is something we are all aware of but not really, we all know we have a body, a soul and a spirit. This is the basic idea that St. Paul brings to Christianity again this has teachings from the mystery schools of old and in some sects of Christianity. For although once considered part of main stream teachings it has be overshadowed by damnation and salvation of one’s soul.  

The seven are:

 1. The Body, or Rupa.

 2. Vitality, or Prana-Jiva.

 3. Astral Body, or Linga-Sarira.

 4. Animal Soul, or Kama-Rupa

 5. Human Soul, or Manas.

 6. Spiritual Soul, or Buddhi.

 7. Spirit, or Atma,


 The body, Spiritual Soul and Sprit being part of the teachings of St. Paul for example:

And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

1 Thessalonians 5:23 

The Atma is Spirit, Buddhi is the highest power of intellection, that which discerns and judges, and Manas is Mind. They form the trinity that was allegorised in the Christianity as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. 

So what does St Paul mean, in the first portion of scripture well, it is Jesus’ sacrifice for us to mend the spirit of man that was damaged when Adam and Eve were evicted from God’s divine presence. Therefore, as we all share the same divine spirit we also lost and gained from Jesus’ sacrifice.

Yes I have deadlines but was planning a new non lolspaper 

After the productive 2015 and a successful challenge,  GreatGothNinja and I had a “Challenge Committee” meeting in November.  The outcome was :

  1. Quarterly Non LOLS Papers
  2. Art Project
  3. 100Days starting April 1st 2016 to July 9th 2016


Quarterly Non LOLS Papers:

The write and esoteric paper challenge was a very successful event from last year. I completed 4 paper in that year. All the subject came from Dr Lomas  and his brethren of the Lodge of Living Stones  This has had a side effect that we can now come up with our on topics for Papers to  research and write. Therefore we have decided that we should produce 4 papers over the course of the 12 months that are independent of the ones set by LOLS.


Art Project :

This is similar to the shared story idea of 2015, yet this time the work is not shared  and not a story. In fact you could say the two events are not even similar!  The Art Project is a piece of art that can be done over the course of the year, that is not a poem, story or script.  But an Art thing , painting, drawing, graphic image, collage, sculpture etc. or &c.

As it is art and rules cannot be applied to it, then only a base framework it can be done  on anything  and there must be some post throughout the year on its progress.   Perhaps 1 a quarter or  once a month.

This is the challenge I am not looking forward to as I am no good at the art things  I was banned from picking colours at Net-Work Internet limited for my Purple, Orange and Neon Green website  I built.


100 Days:

Back once again for the creative behaviour, the annual challenge has returning.  Last year I managed was able to be creative for the full 100days this is a fantastic achievement . But there were 19 late posts, this year we will have less than 11.