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Well its that time of year again, the whind down ready for the ski trip .

So thats way cool.

But this year it is back to Livigno , which is the place of fear and of new beginings so it shouldn’t be looked on as a bad place unlike the BAD PLACE. Which taunts you nightly went at tescos.

But it is the place of my first and only helicopter ride ( heli ———> Sun hmmm!!!!!!). As I got hit by a german on the slopes and it busted me collar bone.

But from this came new friendships and new activies. So it could be seen as a rebirth of a more awakened ME.
For it was the first time I really got to know Neil, and i realised i missed doing MA so set out to find one and I did and am still talking to Neil ok the met up and chat and have dropped of considerablly since october 2004. But he still is a great friend and confidante (erm spelling !!) and i am still doing the MA’s which is good.

Anyway this year it is time to kill the demon , to destory the last nagging doubt off skiing down one slope. Yes i have been skiing each year since, but this THE place and it is making me nervous. The reason y? hey if i knew that I would not be nervous. But this time tomorrow i will be there and Sunday i will be skiing it . AND i will destroy the last Ski fear i have.

So my friends and readers, remember if there are times that you worry, Remember the saying of the OLD Man with long hair and glasses. “Be Careful of the Furry Duck when a Mongoose rides on it back!”

Fecked if I know what it means but it don’t half make you think.