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Reasons to volunteer to demonstrate you Kata?

Well if “Sensei” Hay spots you not putting your hand up.

You get told to step up, then rather than doing it once, you have to do it 4times with 5 burpies between each Kata performance!!

Friday, was busy, not really creative but on the path for more creativity.The new office :This is the roomWere the work will be done.Whether it be Company,Or book creativity.All we need is the mount!

So for my birthday I purchased some binoculars!They came with an adapter for a mobile phone. Today being the first Saturday in the month it was a St Edmunds Day.So here is the result:

It is quiz time

You only had to pay a dime

Questions are asked

Team answers suggested.

Papers passed to other to mark

Scores tallied, hark!!

We have won.