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So yes this late but then I wanted to make a larger post, but am still writing it so will post later this week.

As it is SciFi based so new area.


New Worlds


There’s nothing like the feeling of standing still when you are travelling at  the speed of light. McGregor  was looking out the porthole of the GBS Chester port side.  It was his pass time at this time of the day to see how close  Mars was getting .  The red circle was getting bigger  and bigger  but never seemed to  closer. But then physics was not his strong point, he was there for the ride.


His thoughts where interrupted  by, “My god , what has he done now, I’ll kill him , damn scot” . George sighed , turned from the window  and wandered over  to his desk, and sat down, turn on  his desk tablet,  and began reviewing  the Ship’s  crew.


“I am going to string him up, tell me I am not mentally sound! Who does he think   I am”

George smiled,  he thought to himself , you can tell people time and again but they never listen.




Went the cabin entrance bell,  “Come in.”

So continuing the theme here is the ship:


So busy day on wednesday due to working from home, but a conf call was interrupted by this
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So on Thursday, the old one from the Wrexham valley released his new book a poem one. This has been a long rumored to be almost complete think it is been in that stage for 4 years perhaps less. I do the old man a disjustice or injustice as the spellcheck is not that amazing.

As ever I digress as is my wonted custom of my blog….

So here goes

Wayne Owens’ author Bio

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