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So Callum’s birthday party, Helen decided to organise an afternoon tea 3pm at the in-laws then a BBQ at ours at 5pm

At 2:59pm she decided the old gas BBQ was a health hazard and we needed a new one. So bought one from Argos.

Then at 4:58 decided that was the best time to leave her parents. Luckily I nicked a bottle of gas from her Dad.

I managed to build the BBQ and change the regulator and cook before 6:45pm.

Ok another late100days , but as I have been on holiday with H cell signal. That is my excuse.

Two  sit in the chairs

Another person turns and sits on the stairs.

The tall one has a cool beer

His friends laugh and joke great all in cheer.

Yet Thomas stands alone in the dark

Sad and moody for he had lost his spark.

The blonde turns and smiles at him,

He looks but shurgs and nods at Tim

But on she comes towards our dejected friend

Like a deer in headlights he checks his phone

Raising it to his ear he talks to himself in pretend

On route she passes the desserts and grabs an ice cream cone.

One day to go!

Only one day to go!

Wayne finished today 

But I have another day.

The penultimate post

Is it wasted before Sunday’s roast!

So what will it be today …

A sketch, story or verse

A poem, I couldn’t think off any thing worse.

Or should I go out to play.