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Category Archives: photography

So for my birthday I purchased some binoculars!They came with an adapter for a mobile phone. Today being the first Saturday in the month it was a St Edmunds Day.So here is the result:

The mystical paper salt dragon..


So it’s that time of year when those two fat gits with the curly curly hair. Try that silly silly idea to be creative for one hundred of your earth days.

So as we picked a photo theme here is a trip to Spotland and back

He sat on my knee and looked around

The white walls and the benches with the crowd

He look left and then right

Are you Pregnant?

I am came the reply from the defendant

Phew, she was large it may have ended in a fight.

His name is called,

I picked him up and enter room

Questions were asked about the incident

It was a slab that fell not a broom

I protested it was an Accident

Henry said it was I that Pulled!!