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As he sat on the his favourite bench on looking out over the Saddleworth moors, he felt his calm and peaceful nature returning to him.  It was as though the week of just annoying staff members, client and family was but a distant  memory.

A warm breeze picked up over the ridge he was sat one. The rest of the visitors to this point were long gone and the Ice Cream van was just exiting the car park.


John was finally alone on the moor, the Summer solstice had passed so this was the first day the night would be closing  in.  He didn’t mind the late June sun streamed down on him. He closed his eyes and just enjoyed the quiet.


He felt a large shadow passed over head, The paragliders are taking a risk at this time of night, surely the air currents are less strong?!?.

He drifted back into the void of his mind. In state of almost mediation, feeling the warmth of the night on him.

So meeting  time again today, promise of not conjuring the doodle man. 

But look at the pad 

It is the mask of dull meetings !!! Not seen since !! Well you decide!

The meeting doodle man. When the brain wanders and some one goes.

“You got that right?”

‘Eh! Yes of course ‘

But you look and you find the Meeting Doodle Man!

Due to Fozzy the Systems Admin guy that looks after this server, meant on Monday I was not able to complete the image s for the LOLSPAPER. So I had to do them on Tuesday 

So on Monday I completed the words and posted the LOLSPAPER