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It was a bright tram carriage as the semi drunk Peter sat down. His headphones were on and the monstercat pod 128 was filling his ears from the mundane humming of drunk Manchester.

Passing the white stone of the war memorials. He stared into the rain. It had been the end of year party and some bonus rumours had been mentioned but Pete was not fussed he had lost at 4k bonus to join the company he just wanted a fair wage for a fair days shit shoveling ..

The skin head next to him coughed. Pete looked up there was something different about this chap.  He looked out of the window a girl flashed her dress covered boobs. He laughed at the daftness of the moment then he looked at the skinhead again but it was a lady with black a dyed hair. What magic was this !!!!  
Magic he scoffed no the girl was talking to a girl with a flag . He had passed them in the opposite direction heading for deansgate.

 Oh the irony.  

Just as he stopped carriage watching . There was a loud crack.

The air rushed towards him.

He heard a wood

And a fire ball came rushing towards him.

He ducked behind the seat as it flew over him.

 10 mins passed and he sat up to see two men Squaring off to each other dressed oddly.

 I you pushed him he would say goths or Wizards

So late on night a man sat at his work desk and stared arlt the blank page. It had been a white sheet of A4 for three days.

The first day he sat at the desk and drummed his pencil on the Bud light can on the desk humming the tune of the Chain by Fleetwood Mac. 

The second night he paced the room, shouting for inspiration. Waving his hands in the air looking for a sign from God or a muse or just an idea.

Tonight though it time to start . He picked up his pen and began to write.

The rain had been pouring from the sky for seven days. It had shown no sign of stopping……

Knock knock 

He paused and looked up. Had his office door just knocked. Why he was the only person that lived at his house.

Knock knock 
There it was again. He put the pencil down, stretched his legs pushing his chair back. He stood up and walked to his door he grasped the handle.

Turning it and opening it into his room. There about 3ft tall was a large fully letter Z with arms and feet and two eyes on the top part of the zeds horizontal.

He was about to say something when the creature smiled at him and stretched out its arms. then without any warning jumped at the man, managing to get its mouth on the his neck and then.


The Zees’ teeth sank into the bloke’s neck. He began to feel light headed and he stumbled and fell to the floor. After another minute the Zed stood up and walked to the open door and left.

So have sent off some question for the generation in Freemasonry book idea.

Added more to the post on Day 61

News of the War reached the mushroom clown clan.