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I believe I am suffering from the worse meme of them all lethargy, why do I think this well:
  1. Failed Jan challenge.
  2. Commitment to training has been shocking.
  3. Book writing has grounded to a halt.
  4. Arrogant with my Ritual practise.
  5. Self discipline to expand my working knowledge has gone.
5, yes 5 examples off lethargy that I would of in the past kicked into touch, but appear unable to get the
Motor running to get these things done.
Why though, yes work has been busier with a lot more travel eating into my spare time,
Sometimes training seems to be the same, more the combatative / shiv feel, with the pummelling, whether it is arms, hands, necks.
Which has its place in training and I know and understand this but all the time?
Book is research bounded but I have done very little.
As I have been writing this, I think my Budo side is why I am not myself; the lethargy of not being balanced is stopping my motivation to achieve the achievable.
But how do you awake the spirit of Budo?
The Spirit of Budo

September 2005 I marched, strolled through to symbolic gates Bumon and Shumon.

Some of you may shout “no the Shumon gate is not covered by a ‘Raising’”, well I say it depends on your stance and your view point which we will come back to as this may be a “twisty turny” ramble but life is journey and I have no Whiskey to sip or a speaker to perch on or group of friends chatting to mindlessly.  Great days! Read More »

Last month, 14th – 15th of August to be more accurate, it was the Annual ShivWorks UK Seminar where Mr Southnarc comes over from the US to teach us about combatives. Or in layman’s term, beat the crap out of you and see if you get up for more and how not to get into trouble. Read More »