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As 2014 draws to close it is time to review the year as it is, as it was. Reflecting on life that has been led by me in my Pete-centric universe. Read More »

As I walked home from the office tonight, over the magical bridge towoards the tram stop.

And just to prove  i am not on drugs:








I heard a strange sound, it was almost familar  and then it appeared .

I walked round the front , and knocked on it ,

  then there was some noise  and I heard a latch turn  and then He  appeared !!!!

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Dr Who is the be all and end all of SciFi shows to watch, even though some of the special effects are a bit poor in comparison to the big budget CGI that is now used. However that is not why we watch is the back story, who is he, why does he do what he does.  The way the fan base of such programs clings to certain aspects of lore. For example the concept that a Dr Who can only regenerate 13 times and we have seen most of these so far. This was first mentioned in “The Deadly Assassin”, again in the end of “The Trial of a Timelord” and again in the Dr Who Movie with Paul McGann.  But in a recent episode of the Sarah Jane Adventures, the Doc says it is 507!!!! Mr Davies doesn’t believe it will be believed but  he has done some interesting  changes to the lore.:

  • Masters lives get regenerated
  • Masters Madness is the caused from looking at the time vortex (Very HHG2G)
  • Davros not killed in the Hand of Omega
  • Dr gets a daughter that can regenerate but not change form.

But this does make the lore interesting as  we are at 12 now and the series  has shown the 12 in their various forms  but  then we still don’t know  what happened in the Time war as   the Master was regenerated , so where  all regenerated  with the memories of the other. Also the Dr is meant to be the creator of the loom, one of the first Timelord, hence why he was a grandfather in the first series.

Other points Gallerfry has been destroyed twice!! So it could be back, it could mean the tardis blew up  due to the Timelords well.. we have 2011 to find out.

You scored as 10th Doctor. Rude and not ginger. You wear glasses and help people.

10th Doctor


3rd doctor


9th Doctor


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a Dalek


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