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Category Archives: Chimon Tendo

Inspired by the book “Go Dog Go”

Big ninja

Little ninja.

White Ninja, Black Ninja.

White and black ninja

Ok call them grey ninja.
Then black ninja in the roof 

Wearing spikes

The White ninja under the floor

Of a burning house
The green ninja throw Bo shuriken

The red ninja otens out of the way.

Something different today a look at a new logo


The sketches from  the villages suggested it looked like this.



However the slient guardian always watched,  never wavering in it purpose. Or did it?

So since Sunday night my guts have been rotten, bad indian meal I put it down to. Why you ask well had prawn bhuna. Which boomed out of me for the next 24 hrs . Meaning I was in no fit state to be creative. 

Therefore I wave the white flag of defeat and sadly retire from the challenge and declare GGN the victor.

But thats not all despite all things I have over the last 3yrs got steadily worse at going training,  why well work, family commitments and finding the once clear path no longer so.

Here was the final kick though.

I don’t like letting people down and Kyoshi is one I do not like to let down, so tonight I informed him via text. This weekend I will speak to him.

So I am now Ronin.

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