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So have been playing with Windows 10 apps. Now have to wait for the item to arrive, might be Monday or later next week. Only time will tell and patience will be endured.  To the 9 o’clock toast!

ThePlanSo with June fast approaching and Wayne has now equalled myself in written papers I thought I should pull my finger out of.. erm nowhere  and do a plan so here it is:


Roads are amazing and wonderful things. Sometimes they  are physical sometimes mental, metaphysical, concepts. But all lead somewhere, whether good or bad, happiness or sadness.

“All Roads lead to Rome” they used to say  but not if you turn left a Alberkerkey.


This road was an old road, it led from the there to …


Well that just it no one knew, many had started on the path. “But few returned to the sun lit lands” Sorry wait that’s a different story, I got hoodwinked again. The old mind is not what it once was, to many tales, myths and stories that I know.


Some are about Great Kings and Heroes, some about Daemons and Gods, Aliens perhaps! Or the Most High – Bingo.  Yet again I am of on another road. Not the one I started but a left a the lights and a awaiting for my old pal Ethel the Aardvark  to go Quantity Surveying.

Ooops , sorry.

So Great Kings – “well once a king and queen of Narina always a …” Bullocks thats not even my story. Lets try a an old Ninja trick, and not the choking  a chicken one, the other one but the Shihan change not the original.











Breathe,  so this road  was difficult to find  but once  found and you started on the path, well you have to see it through or well you know the other option.

The road as it begins starts by the pub called “Moon & Star”.  This is an old building said to be built from neolithic henge, the  heel stone is still in place. If you tap it with the right knocks when the Moon and Star are full well then that is when to begin.

September 2005 I marched, strolled through to symbolic gates Bumon and Shumon.

Some of you may shout “no the Shumon gate is not covered by a ‘Raising’”, well I say it depends on your stance and your view point which we will come back to as this may be a “twisty turny” ramble but life is journey and I have no Whiskey to sip or a speaker to perch on or group of friends chatting to mindlessly.  Great days! Read More »