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Category Archives: Research

So after an interesting evening, I have been looking into and trying to research a specific symbol. But will post later this week .

One of this year’s plans is to either do a set of tracing boards or one board that covers the Masonic degrees if have been through or in.

So as it was Hope Lodge 54’s Lodge of instruction and we only had a perfect lodge number.

At on point I turned the craftsman’s board round. Which I did and did a double take.

After the lodge had closed, I went back to the board and took a picture of it.

As I was doing some of the brethren joined me and asked what I was doing, so for some reason unknown to any one my brain went into Teacher/Facilitator mode and pointed out that the board has a mistake on it so would suggest it is based on John Harris’ 1846 design.


Well if we look at that one you will see … Turns out I was wrong again a different board again. So we then proceeded to go through the other boards in the room.

A successful research night but still not got the large ones from the other room but there’s still time.