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So it’s that time of year when those two fat gits with the curly curly hair. Try that silly silly idea to be creative for one hundred of your earth days.

So as we picked a photo theme here is a trip to Spotland and back

It must be a curse

Changed they have

Better they are ?

No lost in 12 months

Yet I sit and watch

Nothing is different

They play slowly

And they loose

It must be a curse

The room was wired

When he came in

Some pressed the button

And the gun fired…

The phone rang

It was the nursery

He is not well you Callum

Mum set of in a hurry

She got him home with a bang

But he was ever so glum

It is quiz time

You only had to pay a dime

Questions are asked

Team answers suggested.

Papers passed to other to mark

Scores tallied, hark!!

We have won.