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So it has been awhile and I have had a couple of planned posts to do. But I either get distracted or forget to post, as I normally plan these during the day when I take my Cig break.

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It was a long weekend , and yet a fun happy one…

Well Friday was a nice evening, got home quickly did the 3S’s or as we don’t have a Shower in the house currently its more of a Black Ops team!! After a ten minute hunt for the Ironing Board and Iron, then another 5 mins to find the water spraygun type thing. I managed to sort my shirt out find a reasonable Tie.

By that time it was 6.30 so of to the station to pick up H and the a quick drive to the Club, give her a quick hug then wonder of ito to the bar to do some eating and drinking. Once I had been served I spotted Jim so spent half an hour chatting to him regarding building regs, and what was the point of the evening. Cos all i knew there was going to be some after dinner speaker and a comedian. Once John, Steve, Tigger,Buffalo,Steve’s two guest had arrived the drinking started £20 in the kitty each for Booze £160… Jesus’s Brother that is a lot booze cash when the average age of the table is 55. Anyway it turns out that it was a Charity event for JFC Boughton.

Basically they don’t ask the kids Parents to play they try to fundraise all the cash they need on the hope that is any player becomes a big shot in the world of sport then they would remember their early days and give back generously. Quite a good idea in all honesty.

Tea was Lanky Hotpot which was surprisingly lovely. Afters was Apple pie and custard mmmm lush!!!.Next was a quick raffle and a game of Heads and Tails. For those that don’t know.. Basically it is flipping a coin with multiple people. They plays either put there hands on their heads or on their arses. The last man standing up wins.

The after dinner speaker was a Football referee Jeff winters who was very good, although I had never heard of him, he was still very funny and enjoyable to listen too. He was A Premiership Football referee …. Oooooooooo!!! The Comic was Duggie an elderly man how was very rude and very funny, he even told the lighthouse and ship joke with the WW2 side.

On the Whole a very Good Night. Also the made a shed load of cash as the where auctioning Signed Football Shirts

Saturday Morning

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A New Dawn