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As I walked home from the office tonight, over the magical bridge towoards the tram stop.

And just to prove  i am not on drugs:








I heard a strange sound, it was almost familar  and then it appeared .

I walked round the front , and knocked on it ,

  then there was some noise  and I heard a latch turn  and then He  appeared !!!!

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I believe I am suffering from the worse meme of them all lethargy, why do I think this well:
  1. Failed Jan challenge.
  2. Commitment to training has been shocking.
  3. Book writing has grounded to a halt.
  4. Arrogant with my Ritual practise.
  5. Self discipline to expand my working knowledge has gone.
5, yes 5 examples off lethargy that I would of in the past kicked into touch, but appear unable to get the
Motor running to get these things done.
Why though, yes work has been busier with a lot more travel eating into my spare time,
Sometimes training seems to be the same, more the combatative / shiv feel, with the pummelling, whether it is arms, hands, necks.
Which has its place in training and I know and understand this but all the time?
Book is research bounded but I have done very little.
As I have been writing this, I think my Budo side is why I am not myself; the lethargy of not being balanced is stopping my motivation to achieve the achievable.
But how do you awake the spirit of Budo?
The Spirit of Budo

September 2005 I marched, strolled through to symbolic gates Bumon and Shumon.

Some of you may shout “no the Shumon gate is not covered by a ‘Raising’”, well I say it depends on your stance and your view point which we will come back to as this may be a “twisty turny” ramble but life is journey and I have no Whiskey to sip or a speaker to perch on or group of friends chatting to mindlessly.  Great days! Read More »

Over the last few months I have sent emails to different people on numerous subjects, to some people I would not expect to hear a reply from. In the end 2 people I would hold as great and good friends never responded, it is highly odd.

Ok one has shut a company to concentrate on their vocation, but as they provided my email I am concerned if it is going to be cancelled or charged or what have you.

The other was to see if there was any programming work that they need doing so as to keep my skill set up to date.  The email I felt was polite and even a “No” would have been an acceptable response. Alas I received not even a “cheeky git” response, I know the email was received as I had an old friends check the mail logs.

Yet when it comes to wanting cash from me they are quick to respond.

Well it is decemeber that means we are now over half way through the year. Plus it means the old lets find the old address book and then begin the old routine of write the cards and forget to send the cards. Well to be honest i do usually send most but there are the odd few i forget. What helps is the usual getting drunk in Leeds one cold december weekend.

But that will not happen this year, for the main reason I was not going to attend last year but My good and dear friend Lee asked me to turn up. But the reason i didn’t want to go last time is the same as reason this time. Yet although i don’t believe anything will come off about it, its just after a beer i wouldn’t trust myself that well with him. He is just a huge Door handle, and i can no longer be bothered dealing with him.

Ok I have offered the hand in friendship a lot of times (*Minns … More than 10?*) Yes more than 10 but it is always recieved with conditions ectera. So sadly i well leave my friendship there where it should be…. I don’t hate him more don’t want to be part of his life. Therefore i will limit the amount of times our paths will cross.

As i drove home last night i was thinking about the old uni crowd so i must ensure i contact them all this year. And not be as slack as previous years. Main reason was I was still thinking about the fact that Ian is the bestman, now yes i’m Jealous cos i believe i was in the running for that but as i thought about it. No Ian was the better choice his friend from year dot at uni, and has always been loyal and stood by him despite everything. PLus it will do Ian the world of good and you can guarantee that he won’t dish any dirt. So good for him. Ok i honestly thought Sandy would have been picked, but i was wrong.

Well thats it for now.

Take care all that read.