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The rain fell hard in the grey dusk sky, it had been raining like this for 3 days. The second water butt in the garden had reached saturation and the water was pouring out from under the lid. Mack had been watching it on and off each day. He’d sealed it the previous year but it appeared to make no difference.


The tomcat from next door, sheltering under the tall conifers in the corner of the garden. Was pacing backwards and forwards not liking caged tiger, snarling at the rain. The big conifer was able to keep him dry,  but then it had been there for the last thirty years.  Twenty years ago, he had buried his old friend at the base of the trunk and the tree had bloomed so much that it became a giant.


Ring ring ring ring, Mack came back to his senses he stood up walked over to the phone, he picked it up and looked at the display, PRIVATE showed. “Hello, Mack Jackson here.”


“It’s Bob here, we have a situation we need you to come in.”


“Bob, I am out I have been for five years.”


“I know, but I need a favour….”


“Damn it, Bob,  OK I’ll come in! But this is the last time”


“Mack thank you, I appreciate it, I’ll send  a car, be with you in 20mins”




Mack placed then phone back in its cradle. He turned back to the French windows. “Fuck, why did he have to call I was Out. To quote Don Corleone, just as I get out they PULL me back in.”


The rain was still lashing it down, he shrugged his shoulders and headed for the garage.

“That is I”

Charles noted it down in his notepad.

“Good,  how long  have you lived at 7 Shipyard Court?”

“Well let’s see, about  12 to 18 month, see  I moved in about 2 weeks after our Delaine got her lodgings there.”

“I see.”, Charles studied the man, he was not fidgeting or sat in a defensive pose, he would have expected to see.

“So Delaine  found the place  online ?  Moved in and you joined her from….. Blarney.”

“Yeah , well to sure I not know how she found the place. But after she had done , she contacted me and I came to join her. ‘nd look for work.”


Charles looked at the door, “YES” the door opened it was Owens carrying a folder, he strode into the room and handed the folder across.  Nodded  and turned on his left foot  and marched out of the room again.  “Thanks  DS” as the door closed.

He scanned the contents of the folder he had just been handed. Questions running through his head,  he noticed over the file  Donnal start to fidget .

“Something wrong Mr. Ryan?”

“oh no Sir, it’s just I could really do with having a piss ?”

“Well in that case we best get  this over and done with then .. So  you have lived at the house for 12 -18 months  and you  have be growing  this ”  he placed a large photograph  taken from the hydroponic room in the house. It show about 1000  marijuana plants growing.


“They not mine!”

“Really Ryan you expect me to believe  there not yours !! You seemed mightily angry with me entering the room you were in and the baseball bat gave some additional emphasis.” Charles place a second photo down showing the mark of the baseball bat in the wall he had managed to avoid.


“well erm.”

“We have you one growing banned plants and attempt assault on a Police officer”

Donnal remained silent.

Ah thought, Charles The old silence game!!. He smiled  to himself, he  knew he shouldn’t  but he always loved to watch these “Rogues” play hardball right up until they realize they are well and truly screwed and this chap will be about to start  chirping like a canary  in  1, 2, 3…..

“well yes am growing the weed  but it for my own use.”

“OK good so you admit to that, now what was the girl in the basement for?”

Donnal stared at Charles, he blinked  and opened his mouth and shut it again.

“Well??” pushing the criminal a bit.

“What girl in the basement??”

“Don’t get smart with me, this girl…” He through the photographs of the girl  and the ones of the cage in the basement”

“Holy Mary mother of God”, Donnal  said, he stared at the photographs.

“Where in hell were those taken?”


“Under your God damn house. ”

“I have never seen that before Gods honest truth”

“You are telling me you never went into the basement through the kitchen door?? I don’t fucking believe you, you lying sod” Charles’ anger was getting the best of him now.


“Nah mate, He had no care what me and Delaine got up to as long as we did not attempt to enter the basement.”


“The Owner of the house?”


“The Monk. He made it clear that under no circumstances we should open the door”

“The  Monk? He owns the house? And you didn’t even attempt to open the kitchen door? You don’t strike me as bloke to be told what to do by a frail old man!”

Donnal looked at Charles squarely in face and put his foot on the interview table. He began to remove his trainer and then his sock.

Charles saw a mangled foot with no toes and crude stitching nodules where the man’s toes would be.

“That’s why . You are right, I did attempt to get into the basement. But he caught me and knocked me out. When I woke up I was in the kitchen tied to a chair. He then proceed to  teach me the errors of my ways  with a hammer and chisel. I managed to sound convincing before he got to my big toe.”


“Put it away. I have not finished with you yet..”, Charles stood cleared up the photos back into the folder and walked to the interview door opened it and left.

Closing the door he looked at the two other doors where  behind each door was either Delaine or the Monk.

Hmm, where next?

Then from out of the door came;

“Tenebris -go stipant et corde currere
Iustum et impium fraude facta hora accepit
Cor mundum crea in tempore veniant populi

I won’t let you take my light away, no.

Ain’t gonna let you take my light away.

So run away, run away.”


Charles’ neck hairs started to bristle as he turn to the other door, and opened it.

Roads are amazing and wonderful things. Sometimes they  are physical sometimes mental, metaphysical, concepts. But all lead somewhere, whether good or bad, happiness or sadness.

“All Roads lead to Rome” they used to say  but not if you turn left a Alberkerkey.


This road was an old road, it led from the there to …


Well that just it no one knew, many had started on the path. “But few returned to the sun lit lands” Sorry wait that’s a different story, I got hoodwinked again. The old mind is not what it once was, to many tales, myths and stories that I know.


Some are about Great Kings and Heroes, some about Daemons and Gods, Aliens perhaps! Or the Most High – Bingo.  Yet again I am of on another road. Not the one I started but a left a the lights and a awaiting for my old pal Ethel the Aardvark  to go Quantity Surveying.

Ooops , sorry.

So Great Kings – “well once a king and queen of Narina always a …” Bullocks thats not even my story. Lets try a an old Ninja trick, and not the choking  a chicken one, the other one but the Shihan change not the original.











Breathe,  so this road  was difficult to find  but once  found and you started on the path, well you have to see it through or well you know the other option.

The road as it begins starts by the pub called “Moon & Star”.  This is an old building said to be built from neolithic henge, the  heel stone is still in place. If you tap it with the right knocks when the Moon and Star are full well then that is when to begin.

Currently the laptop is backing up my old SD cards from Japan etc.

So for today’s creative  works…

He followed the Sergeant down the stairs into the cellar, there were more officers in the cellar counting the marjoram plants. But the Sergeant lead him to the far end of the cellar. The was a small door that had four padlocked bolts on either side of the door, a PC was trying to hack saw the bolts off he gad managed to get through 8 but there was stll 8 more to remove.
“Have we not got a crowbar or something else to jemmy the locks off?” Ask Schaw.

The sergeant ran upztars to the longe were he had remembered seeing one.He reappeared with it in his hand and set too one the final 7.
The crowbar made short work of the remaining padlocks, the door was pulled open. To reveal a set of old stone steps leading down in to a dark passage way. Schaw flicked his torch off his belt, grasping it in a pical grip he pressed his thumb on the end of the torch and the 7 LEDs  came on, covering the stairs in with a pearsing bright white light.

A srcream came from the stairway,  the offices rushed down the stairs.  At the same moment the man in the monks habit eyes flashed open, “No!” He said, and stood up.

The snow had been falling since 11pm the previous night, from the piles on the windowsill were about six inxhes. The view from his window was winter wonderland shame it was spring and the second week in april.
He liked the snow, smiled thinking good a work from home day, there was  feint click he turned to his left and lifted the kettle of is base and poured the water into the waiting coffeepot.  Turning back to the window, watching  a coal tit feeding on the bird table.  The bird was pecking at the seeds, with such an intensity that it gave the impression the poor creature had not eaten for months.
Reaching out with his lefthand he slowly and firmly pushed the plunger on the coffee pot down. Taking a mug from the sink, lifted the pot and poured it into the mug. Setting the pot down as he lifted the mug to his mouth. That first brew of the day was always the best, turn 180 on the spot he walked out the kitchen, turned left and opened his study’s door.

Walking to his desk he flicked the pc monitor on, sat in his comfortable office chair. He setvhis mug firmly on the slate beer mat. He began the day……