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As 2014 draws to close it is time to review the year as it is, as it was. Reflecting on life that has been led by me in my Pete-centric universe. Read More »

So here is today’s fun.


This is for you for completing your journey through the second gate that is part of your martial  path.

You ave  now entered the Shumon





So after a sleepy evening yesterday and a snotty day today the brain has not really functioned so then for today’s creativeness.


I lie in bed asleep,

well it is dark and my eyes are shut

so asleep I lie.


Yet if i am asleep why do i think i am not?

Do i dream?

Dreaming of being asleep asking if i am awake?


My legs ache  and i have stomach ache

yet my eyes are shut

tightly they are shut


The vision changes  strange

girder structures are being form about my bed.

Again the questions  comes am i asleep?


Investigation is halted by a cough and a light

Eyes are awake..

My son is asleep but restless.


Looking away from the monitor

I get up to go to the Bathroom

the clock says quarter to 1


No that is not right i have been asleep longer

but no the night is long when the fever has set in!!

Well back in the day when life seemed simple and care free, lots of random bizarre conversations
were had with the squatter, GGN and the Dojo Clan. One of the concepts that came from the old association we where members of was how to read things.

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