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Category Archives: Gardening

So have spent the day working in Henry’s room, making it more modern with a better bed, then later this summer replace his wardrobe.

The phalic tree went last weekend so I have been replacing the area with new trees, shrubs and grasses.

So Callum’s birthday party, Helen decided to organise an afternoon tea 3pm at the in-laws then a BBQ at ours at 5pm

At 2:59pm she decided the old gas BBQ was a health hazard and we needed a new one. So bought one from Argos.

Then at 4:58 decided that was the best time to leave her parents. Luckily I nicked a bottle of gas from her Dad.

I managed to build the BBQ and change the regulator and cook before 6:45pm.

Impromptu landscaping of the front garden