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But What is it ?

This thing called art,

An illusionary piece to fit

Ones mind around a creative fart?

Or as they say it is in the watchers eye.

Where the imagination is left to fly!

Soring above the masses

Who cannot see wood for the tree

Instead they look but it passes

Yet if one looks another way

What they see will set them free

They man stood on the burning wreck.

Did he wash his dirty neck

Did he heck

His ship was in flames

So no he exclaims

I didn’t wash my dirty neck,

I just stood on the deck.

He sat on the porch
It was pitch black
but  for a torch
With it he went for a walk

The street was quiet
Nothing was stirring
Not even a riot
Yet a mouse was purring

The snow came down
The balloon went up
A crowd had grown
Up went the pup

The snow was blizzarding
The balloon and pup raised higher
In an eastly direction it was travelling
Then it was Gone

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