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From all accounts the Wirral’s first day had gone well and there where only 3 session on the tuesday and as all the devices had been boxed and assetted this meant it was great to keep on top of the admin side and field the usual barrage of calls from the Subcontractor co-ordinatar.
Sorted some admin stuff out in the office, then set off for Birmingham branch was on site by 11:30am and finished by 2pm, on the drive home got a call form the office saying I needed to bring the van back as it was schedule out. So I changed Vans and thought I had checked everything.
So usual breakfast, then 3-4sessions of rolling out the new devices. When we finished Mike took the spares away as he would be sorting the first day of the Wirral, whereas I would be going to Birmingham to prepare the devices for the coming Wednesday.It was a quiet drive home and I was back in Lovely Chester by 4pm.
Breakfast at 7am having some nice bacon/sausages on toast. Then a quick drive across the road to the office for an 8am start with the bagging and the tagging and the get them to convert to the right build of Pilot.
So the first session was delayed by 20mins ┬ábut no one minded, we got up to speed with the rollout some delays due to the coverage being poor in the room we where in. Read More »