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Working towards a big creative  parts this weekend so please be patient.  I only have to answer to the rules and me.

So app download ed
Workarea prepared.
So trials tomorrow.

Then start on the next set.

Feeling this post is light on proof, and I am not asleep yet.

Translation of lines:

Dum e caelo imber Quamdiu hiems nives adfert Vitae semper pendet in aere rumoresque Et dissipatum est, et in tenebris cordis amore crescant

Part of this story: As he remembered his old friend, his DS was by his side, “Sir the suspects are in interview 4, 7 and 9. The “monk” is in 7 and is still mumberling.

Ok so the 100 day challenge was going well, but due to lack of commitment on my part. So in a bid to fix the challenge in my life. Therefore I want to introduce you all to the…..

The five month dash.

1. Movehouse
2. build dog area & sort back garden
3. Prepare for November
4. Decide on LAdies evening stuff
5. Complete 3rd Ritual
6. Complete Short Story
7. Sort our Exercsie Regime and stick to it
8. Sort pension out
9. draft dojo notes into one area
10. Review Blog and other sites  and move all together into one

So this starts the 1st August to 31st December 2013

Enjoy :
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So having been moaned at by Penddriag for having loads of post ideas but not posting anything.

Well here you go.. I have now changed my iPhone to a the new Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and went app hunting. 😀

So I am now back.

Well back in the day when life seemed simple and care free, lots of random bizarre conversations
were had with the squatter, GGN and the Dojo Clan. One of the concepts that came from the old association we where members of was how to read things.