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Art Project update post.

OK so this is kind of my idea to do this blog post to show/prove we have been working on (what I believe is the most difficult challenge this year) “The Art Project”.

“The Art Project is a piece of art that can be done over the course of the year, that is not a poem, story or script. But an Art thing , painting, drawing, graphic image, collage, sculpture etc. or &c.
As it is art and rules cannot be applied to it, then only a base framework it can be done on anything and there must be some post throughout the year on its progress. Perhaps 1 a quarter or once a month.

This is the challenge I am not looking forward to as I am no good at the art things I was banned from picking colours at Net-Work Internet limited for my Purple, Orange and Neon Green website I built.”

Well the quarters are:
Q1 – Jan/Feb/Mar
Q2 – Apr/May/Jun
Q3 – Jul/Aug/Sept
Q4 – Oct/Nov/Dec
Q1 – Well what have I done, it been a quarter of thinking and ideas and what can I do and why and more importantly HOW!.
I thought about the different types of art out there and my limited range of skills. I have decided to do something on or around “King Solomon’s Temple” this will be made up of several ideas.

For example here is a basic design of the temple with the prominent feature of the two pillars:

The same day I also looked at the Masonic Orders I have joined, so in this next photo, I have worked with a Circle and Pentagram, taking a prominent symbol for each chamber. Note the “Triple Tau” or “TH” and the Star/Shield of David. I am pleased with the Ark Mariners logo as it is the only Colour.

I am not the best artist in the world so I have found a couple of tools / websites that may help later in the year.
I have found a Collage one but not tried it as I think I need to work out the set of images/photos to make it work.

As I for some reason offered to run the Rochdale Parish News Paper and website. So one change I did make was to add a picture of each church it covers.
St Chad’s was easy as I had a black and white diagram from a St Chad’s Lodge summons.


But I could only find photographs online for St Mary’s in the Baum. Being a bit of a skinflint I didn’t want to use all the ink out of the Parish Church I went on the hunt and found this site

And here are some of the results.


Again not sure how it will fit in but in the words or Arthur C. Clarke “Only time will tell” [Songs from a Distant Earth]

My good lady has mysteriously morphed into the Sunday School Teacher. As such there was an all age Services, which was a craft activity so I created this:


More to see and play with the glue and materials. Another activity that took place was the creation of Sun and the covered in different types of tissue paper. The reason why I have added this in hear is not because it was something arty and I just claiming it, no it is because I built the sun. I used and old wine box for the two halves of the circular section. As I don’t have a large compass, I in fact used a piece of wall, a nail and a Sharpie pen to draw two semicircles and then cello taped them together. I wanted to have two sets of rays coming of the sun. A curved style and the some isosceles triangle ones. After the Sunday School decorated it looks like this:

So this is a method style part for the Art project.

My current idea i have, came to me from stumbling across a broadcast of the film Prince Caspian. I joined the film as the Pevenise were trying to work out where they were in Narnia as they could not remember any ruins. They were at Cair Paravel, and it struck me I could do an interruption of the ruin temple of King Solomon.

I thought that I could make it even more fun with using a new technology a 3D pen. Again my skills are not the greatest so and Church architecture can be fiddly then I need plans and designs so I have been playing with a CAD package on my phone, whilst I find one for my PC.


By the end of the next quarter I hope to have basics firmly in place to allow the final half of the year in making the mental model a reality.