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Tag Archives: bit n bobs

Well then tis Wednesday, tis 5days left. My goodness it is quite worrying really. What caused me more concern this week well 2 things,

  • A Grey Hair
  • My drunken/ drink enfuel’d talks

Well the Grey hair was concern, but the strange thing was it was not grey at the routes but half way along, also it may be coincdence but the grey hair is where a Yellow paint ball hit me on the head. Also i can no longer find the hair. It is a mystery!!!!! Cue spooky music

Drunken Talks, well it was a stag do and yes the chat of the whole marriage was up for discussion, and it was through the inanely chatter, that it dawned on me that Ayear ago i went to a Faithless Concert, and met are rather delightful young lady.

But some of the discussions have been mentioned in a previous post, where as the ones still rattle around my head, leaves a really huge ? and ! so that is all I will say about that but it does intrege me strangely..

Bloomin MisInformation