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The old wooden door started to quiver as the the bolt was  being drawn back.  It creaked open, the door ways was still barred by to crossed Halberds  The arms that were holding these impassible weapons look like tree trunks   After a roar from inside the room the arms slickly pulled in the the obstruction.

He entered  through the opening , his route was lit be 16 candles  in rock candlesticks.  Striding up the pathway, he could feel eyes piercing into him as though they where trying to read his mind.  Arriving at the foot of the throne, he dropped down on to his right knee, flicking his cape out so  it landed neatly behind him.

“My Lord, I bring grave  news, our followers in Llangollen have just been expelled and sent back .”

“WHAT!!! Why do you tell me now”.

“regroup the squad and send them back, we need to control the old abbey and the ruined castle. Failure is not an option, if you disappoint me and again Lucifer then you will be absolved!”

“Yes my master”

Lucifer stood and about turned and strode out the room. The Master rose from his throne, and walked to the  bottom  step. Holding out his clawed hand  he pushed, the air around him glowed red and then changed to an intense bright white light.  The seal was  in still in place but the red showed it  was weakening .

Soon he thought soon….

Right, having spent a large portion of Friday night designing this logo due to the good lady was working late and I was not in the mood to be sociable.  Despite this mood it didn’t stop the numerous random calls I got.