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So usual breakfast, then 3-4sessions of rolling out the new devices. When we finished Mike took the spares away as he would be sorting the first day of the Wirral, whereas I would be going to Birmingham to prepare the devices for the coming Wednesday.It was a quiet drive home and I was back in Lovely Chester by 4pm.
Breakfast at 7am having some nice bacon/sausages on toast. Then a quick drive across the road to the office for an 8am start with the bagging and the tagging and the get them to convert to the right build of Pilot.
So the first session was delayed by 20mins  but no one minded, we got up to speed with the rollout some delays due to the coverage being poor in the room we where in. Read More »

Well on the the 4th Jan, once I had ensured I had everything I need for my 3 days of HH rollouts.

I drove to the wrexham office and spoke with Don, he is the man incharge of the fleet stationed there.

I dropped my car round the side in the car park and walked into the elephant graveyard of white vans and

pressed the unlock option on the key fob to see which Van creeped lazily into life. Read More »

I know  I shouldn’t, but this has to be shared with more than just  people on the his sermon list.

Things to bear in mind about the guy’s posting is

He has trained in Ninjutsu, believes he is Gnostic, an anarchist and anti structured Martial arts.  Yet has trained in many, was a weekend warrior then became a constant pupil of my teacher and myself.  Has also trained with Southnarc, the D Martin.

He is also a follower of Crowley and described him to me as,” An amazing intelligent man who would make a great dinner guest but would crap on your dinner table!!”

Finally he believes his  opinion is the correct one and all others are wrong yet he is  found wanting often, he still has congregation that listens to him and believes him..

So enough back story, please not this is a cut and paste from Facebook I have altered nothing.

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After a short break,  it was decided to bring back the end of the year fun so here we go 🙂

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