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So it has been awhile and I have had a couple of planned posts to do. But I either get distracted or forget to post, as I normally plan these during the day when I take my Cig break.

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life is an odd thing  in all  fairness. An  what makes it  even more strange is  how  events  in your life  change  habits  that you  used to do all the time.
Take  for example live journal,  there is  nolonger the need  to post some  litery  vomit on the  screen  just to  pass the morning or  afternoon cos  work was boring and  you could really  justify  playing  Age of Empires  a 8.30am.
To rarely  looking at this  machine.

Strikes me  as  very  odd.

no more looking  for a pointless  argument  due to bordom or taking the piss out  of the  welsh.. Actually  scrap  that last one, i  as  i do like widing  up mary.

Again it is odd..
Was thumbing  through  Sturocks overly  priced  books  last week,  Reading  oddities people place in such books  and  how somethingas are  interesting  to some and not  others, noticed  that again  today  when i spotted  Am’s post about  xmas.  Made  me  wonder if they  did  a celebration  of  themjoining  togother?  Who knows .

In fact since  changing  jobs i  do very little , that must be  why   iam  getting fat these days.

One of the guy’s  that works for the company  reminds  me a lot of Neil,  strange that  perhaps  thats  why  i employed  him in the  first place.

7months  now  and we  are hitting the  end off  2007  i really  do wonder where this year has gone.

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